Thoughts of Da' Momma

Friday, May 13, 2005

Letting Go

This morning, I decided I should start writing about my children, my life, and my general thoughts. I dunno why...... Perhaps my mood is just introspective and this is a way to express it.

I am 44. I have three children.... Scott - 21, Bryce 20, and Wayne 14. I also have 2 grandchildren by my Bryce... Aaron - 2, and Jayden 10 months.

My Scott came home from his Post to visit for a couple of hours last night. He is in the Army reserves and leaves for Fort Polk on Tuesday for 2 months of training before heading overseas.... destination unknown so far. So, it was Scott, Wayne, and my new 'beau' of 3 weeks, KC spending some time together. Scott only had time to sit for a few minutes and talk, take a couple of pictures, and open his going away gifts, but it was a happy time and I shall never forget it.

I'll write again as I can. Gotta work now......